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Top 10 Pets in WoW

So I tried to put together a cool list of some of what I found to be the “best” pets in the game. The only requirement was that they had to be still available, and free (sorry mini tyrael). There were a good number of pets I had to leave off since there are about 377 current companions in the game, and that’s not counting tamable pets… But I think I still managed to put together a good list of old and new pets alike. 

So how bad do you think my list is? What are your favorite pets? On a scale from 10-10 how awesome is the Silvermoon Broom?

List Spoilers:

10. Creepy Crate
9. Mojo
8. Ruby Droplet
7. Nether Faerie Dragon
6. Mr. Pinchy
5. Feline Familiar
4. Celestial Dragon
3. ?????????
2. ?????????
1. ?????????
-1. Silvermoon Broom